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National Note Group was founded in 2012 in Clifton, New Jersey with the principal mission to capitalize on the growing number of mortgage notes available in the interbank marketplace. The objective is to deliver high yield investment returns to our investors, while creating winning solutions for homeowners in distress.The management team is lead by Fuquan Bilal, President and Fund manager, who founded the company back in 2012 after more than 14 years of residential and commercial real estate success. He is a licensed real estate professional. The Fund is registered as a private placement under Sec 506 Reg D., and is incorporated in Delaware. 

The fund was created to provide investors with the opportunity to purchase shares that represent a proportionate undivided interest in a portfolio of mortgage notes. The portfolio consists of re-performing and non-performing mortgages.

Our fund is in the early growth stage and looks to capitalize on the highly fragmented market of the non-performing loan industry. NNG has developed a proprietary set of criteria which allows us to identify attractive opportunities. The professional managers utilize their extensive experience and innovative approach to financial engineering to optimize the profit potential in the underlying purchased loan pools. Our Asset managers actively research market trends and continuously analyze new techniques to generate positive resolutions.

All investments are secured with promissory notes, deed of trusts, mortgages and assignments that are recorded in the county clerk’s office to secure ownership. Your investment is fully collateralized by a portfolio of promissory notes, mortgages, and assignments of mortgages.

We make money through a multi-pronged combination of monthly payments, discounted payoffs, collecting upfront arrears, capital gains on sale of houses, short sales and sales of performing and non-performing notes.

Based on prior performance we estimate that the average investment holding period is under eight months. This will allow us to turn over investment money multiple times during the minimum three year holding period.