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Frequently Asked Questions - NNG FAQ's


A note is the document used to promise the repayment of the loan and a mortgage is a lien against the property to secure the loan.

We purchase discounted notes and mortgages from industry wholesalers at sizable discounts. By sharing the purchase discount with the homeowner, we are able to create a payment workout and convert the note into a performing asset.

Notes are created as an IOU. The benefit of a real estate note is that the lien is collateralized by real property.

NNG prefers to buy second mortgages because of the lower price point and higher upside potential. This way, we diversify our risk amongst many assets.

We have a system in place to turn that non-performing note into a performing note. After working with us, the property owner wants to make their payments because they now have equity in their property. One of the biggest reasons people stop paying is because they are upside down in their property and see no way out. We have a full time staff that knows how to deal with this by turning a negative situation into a positive one.

When you buy the property, you are responsible for the repairs, maintenance, etc. With a note, you collect the payments and do not have to get your hands dirty. You control the property without the negatives of owning the property. Another advantage of owning paper over property is amortization over appreciation. In these volatile times, real estate amortization is a much more secure position.

The first rule is to work with the homeowner to design a payment plan and loan terms that work for their financial situation. The key is to engage the homeowner, build trust and keep their best interest at heart. We have found that many times there are short term circumstances such as a health issue, job loss or divorce that prevents homeowners from making full payments on their mortgage loan. By purchasing the notes from the bank at such deep discounts, we are able to create a “win-win” scenario until they get back on their feet. Other strategies are payment plan re-instatements, reinstatement with discounts, refinancing, seller assistance, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure and foreclosure as a last resort.

Many note buyers get money through equity lines of credit on properties, cash savings and retirement accounts/self directed IRA’s, HSA’s, CESA.

Yes. They can be more secure than the stock market or actually owning the physical property. We deal with notes where a strong equity situation has been created, so if we have to foreclose on the property, the deal will still be profitable.


Performers purchased through NNG are covered by our warranty, and otherwise the note buyer would proceed to foreclose.


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