NNG Capital Fund gives investors unique access to a diversified hybrid portfolio of mortgage notes and residential real estate at attractive annual yields.

National Note Group (NNG) currently has  30 Million in assets under management. The portfolio consists of re-performing and non-performing second lien mortgages.Our philosophy is to create all around win situations. We do so by first buying banks’ distressed debt. These large institutions, such as Chase, GMAC, and PNC, among others, sell the debt off in order to stay liquid and keep lending the money they would otherwise have to keep in reserves that is associated with holding these non-performing assets. National Note Group steps in and purchases the debt in order to provide personalized service and creative solutions to homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgages. By providing a variety of alternatives to these burdened homeowners, people all around the country are able to keep the memory-filled homes they worked so hard to buy; the same homes that will provide them with security beyond retirement. capital is secured by Real estate and the value of the asset, NNG manages each note through liquidation.

We have developed the specialized experience, resources and systems necessary to successfully execute on a large portfolio of non-performing assets and realize excellent returns. This ability allows us to give our investors high-yield, secured returns that are unique in terms of rate and security – while enabling a constructive outcome for the homeowner.