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Who Are We

National Note Group is a private equity investment firm that manages funds that primarily invest in single-family residential real estate debt (notes) related to single-family residential real estate. Our fund's portfolios consist  of non-performing or re-performing residential mortgage loans.

National Note Group was founded in 2012 in Clifton, New Jersey with the principal mission to capitalize on the growing number of mortgage notes available in the interbank market place. With a combined level of experience totaling over 25 years, National Note Group offers a unique and important perspective to the current real estate market. NNG has a full time staff that consist of a Portfolio Manager, Trade desk, Asset Managers,and an administrative coordinator.

Wealth Management

We help accredited & Sophisticated investors who are seeking passive income pursue their wealth management goals by offering an alternative to traditional investments . The objective is to deliver high yield investment returns to our investors, while creating winning solutions for homeowners in distress. Qualified investors are being offered the opportunity to invest in this alternative asset class that will yield double digit returns while providing diversification and a stabilizing effect to their overall investment portfolios.The fund was created to provide investors with the opportunity to purchase shares that represent a proportionate undivided interest in a portfolio of mortgage notes.

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What We Do

As reserve requirements have become more stringently regulated, banks sell the underperforming notes to investment funds, at a deep discount from face and market value In order to free up some of their reserves, NNG’s access to these institutions allows us to purchase these pools of secondary mortgage notes directly from banks, private mortgage companies and loan servicers for pennies on the dollar.We believe that this business provides a perfect opportunity to help distressed homeowners,NNG only purchases secondary notes where the homeowner is current on their first and primary mortgage.

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